Wing Chun Kali System Seminar PR 2009

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Wing Chun Kali System Seminar Puerto Rico – Wing Chun & Kali Seminars given in PR by Founder Sifu/Guru Joseph Musse.

Sifu Musse hosted a two-day seminar along with Sifu/Guru Ramon Diaz and his son Sifu/Guru Charlie Diaz. Both systems were broken down on separated days.

Wing Chun Seminar – Day 1

On Wing chun day, Sifu Musse taught great fighting drills along with their breakdowns, and also gave some chi sau drills.

Wing Chun Kali System Seminar (Filipino Martial Art) – Day 2

On Kali day, Sifu Musse covered great knife techniques and “Espada y daga” drills. From the standing game all the way to the ground work.

Sifu Musse will be conducting another Wing Chun Kali System seminar in PR for Summer.

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